Safety First: The Importance of Prefabricated Dock Steps in the Workplace

In the dynamic environment of a bustling workplace, safety can sometimes be relegated to the backseat. This is particularly true in high-activity areas such as loading docks, where the rhythm of work is swift, and the surroundings can be fraught with potential hazards. However, safety should never be an afterthought, and DockStep, a company that champions this principle, has developed a range of products specifically designed to enhance safety in the workplace, with a particular focus on loading docks.

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DockStep: Championing Safety with Prefabricated Aluminum Steps

Dock Steps OSHA IBC

DockStep, a product line from Upside Innovations, offers a lightweight yet robust solution for loading docks. These prefabricated aluminum steps testify to DockStep’s safety and regulatory compliance commitment. Designed per IBC, ADA, and OSHA standards, these steps go beyond the usual OSHA compliance required for most loading docks by offering IBC/ADA-compliant options. This dedication to safety and compliance underscores DockStep’s mission to foster safer workplaces.

Quick Assembly and Long-lasting Durability

DockStep products are prefabricated and modular, allowing them to be assembled without requiring specialized equipment or welding. These steps can be put together quickly, typically within an hour. Despite the ease and speed of assembly, DockStep products are designed for longevity. Constructed from durable aluminum, these steps are resistant to rust, warping, and rot, providing a safe and reliable solution for many years.

Emphasizing Safety with Slip-Resistant Decking

Slip-Resistant Decking

A key feature of DockStep products is their slip-resistant decking. The steps come equipped with an aggressive, heavy-duty 3” channel grip strut grating that provides maximum, multi-directional slip resistance. This is a critical feature in a loading dock environment where surfaces are often wet or slippery. DockStep significantly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries by providing a slip-resistant surface.

A Green Solution

In addition to their safety features, DockStep products are also environmentally conscious. They are modular, repurposable, and contain between 32.5% and 75% recycled content. This includes 50% to 65% pre-consumer and up to 20% post-consumer recycled scrap. As a result, DockStep products can contribute to several LEED v4.1 credits and other green building rating systems.

In conclusion, DockStep is at the forefront of creating safer workplaces. Their commitment to safety, compliance, and environmental sustainability distinguishes them. So, regarding workplace safety, remember this: safety should always be the priority, and DockStep’s prefabricated aluminum steps are an excellent solution for loading dock safety.

Prefabricated Aluminum

Loading Dock Steps


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The DOCK Step by Upside Innovations is the perfect lightweight, heavy-duty solution for your loading dock. Because DOCK Step is prefabricated and modular, it bolts together in about an hour.

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